About Me

"I believe that curiosity, positivity and continuous learning enrich my life and of those around me."

My name is Zsuzsanna Incze (nickname is Zsuzsi) and I'm from Budapest, Hungary but I've lived in London, UK for a couple of years now. My name often puzzles people, because it has a few extra letters to the English version, Susanna.

I have always been drawn to the subjects of communications and psychology which led me to a successful career in the corporate world. I took on every opportunity to grow myself - often selling new ideas to my bosses that would make things better at the company whilst providing me with a new challenge and learning experience.

My 12+ years career started with my debut as a receptionist, then I moved onto working in operations, organising company parties, and writing articles, to later business partnering with the Exec team and leading the communications and employee engagement agenda of a BlueChip company in Budapest. After a while I was ready to try my wings in a global city.

In 2014, I moved to the bustling city of London which is not only larger than my hometown but a lot faster, busier and stressful. Especially as I fell into a company reorganisation at the beginning and four months after my arrival, I found myself on the job market again. I was in a global city that was unfamiliar, feeling stressed out, unappreciated and with my confidence in pieces. I felt crushed and in need of a motivation boost. Until I met my coach, who helped me to discover the positives in this situation, redefine my goals, appreciate myself more and feel confident when looking for new job opportunities. Shortly after, I signed with a global communications agency where I led communications projects to success with a team of creatives and writers for the next two and a half years.

Looking back, I am proud of my accomplishments, personal growth and above all, my ability to overcome fear and doubt I was feeling at the time. I also think that the highlights of my career have been the ones where I made a difference to other people's lives. These included developing initiatives to make the company a better workplace for all; supporting the professional growth of my junior colleagues; building a highly successful volunteering programme that supports children's homes in Hungary; launching responsible drinking campaigns in Eastern Europe with a World-Champion Formula 1 driver; and training managers to become more confident communicators. 


The experiences have taught me three important points:

1. The more we get to know ourselves, the better we can appreciate our strengths and our flaws

2. Clarity around our goals helps us stop going in circles and progress on the road right for us

3. Our ability to communicate well with others leads to better connections and relationships

I wanted to use my learnings and experiences to make a difference in other people's lives but in a way that best suits their circumstances. This inspired me to go back to school and train as a coach.

I studied transformational coaching in London, UK, and earned my Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching in 2017. This qualification is acknowledged by the International Coaching Federation. 

After this comprehensive training, I continue to develop my skills and expertise so I can support my clients the best way I can. I see my time spent at professional events, reading relevant materials, reviewing client feedback and receiving coaching myself as investments that benefit the people I coach.

I regularly connect with fellow coaches as a member of the Animas Centre for Coaching Alumni and in professional coaching circles.

My clients come from all walks of life, based around the world. 

I coach people in two languages: English and Hungarian. 

What is common in them is the desire to grow themselves and their openness to change.

If you would like to discuss how we can work together on your life and career goals, book a free consultation in the menu above or on the homepage. 

I look forward to hearing from you.